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Ред 86: Ред 86:
| Chombe
| Chombe
| 2 person room
| 2 person room
| Mite Mitreski
| Chombe
| No соба in струга
| Luca
| Luca

Преработка од 18:37, 5 јуни 2012


NSND or (Nista se nece dogoditi – Serbo-Croatian; Nothing will happen – Eng; Ништо нема да се случи – Mkd) is a geek/hackers event (see: unconference ) where people get together to have fun and share knowledge on variety of technical subjects ranging from programming languages, computer security, networks, operating systems etc.

The main goal is to get the people from the hackerspaces in the region together so they can get to know each other and maybe continue to collaborate on things that are of their common interest afterwards – well that, or just drink beer.

Regional NSND events usually happen few times a year in Ohrid, Belgrade, Split and Moravice.

NSND Ohrid 2012 will take place in Ohrid Struga, Macedonia on the 9th and 10th of June 2012.


Participant Transportation Room preference
Andrej Trajchevski Gorjan 3 person room
Gorjan Petrovski Gorjan 3 person room
Nikola Demerdjiev Gorjan 3 person room
Jovanka Gulicoska Gorjan
Tamara Atanasoska Sashe
Ana Ris Sashe 2 person room
Aleksandar Nikov Sashe 2 person room
Goran Pejoski
Arangel Angov Ufo
Aleksandar Lazarov Ufo
Elena Petrevska Ufo
Zlatko Trajchevski Ufo
Jovan Kostovski Chombe 2 person room
Ilina Kareva Chombe 2 person room
Mite Mitreski Chombe No соба in струга
Luca Luca 2 person room
Anita Luca 2 person room
Dame Miopa Miopa
Marko Doda Sashe
Slobodan Jakoski + 3ca
stama + Jana 2 bedroom


Eurotel, Struga (10 km from Ohrid)

  • 3 bed rooms: 11.5 € per night (breakfast included) +1 € per person for a 2 bed room
  • 3 bed rooms: 14 € per night (breakfast and dinner included) +1 € per person for a 2 bed room

Sunny Lake Hostel


* shared bathroom: 12 € per night * 6-8 bed rooms

Option 3 (house near the city square, with WiFi)


  • Alvarion WiMax devices (should work anywhere).
  • Wireless router from KIKA ✓
  • Cables, switches, extension cords for power, flag etc...


To Skopje:

Buses from Sofia: http://centralnaavtogara.bg

From Belgrade:

  • Buses
  • Train
  • Plane

From Zagreb:

  • Buses
  • Train
  • Plane

From Thessaloníki (Ohrid is closer, but if you want to see Skopje first :)):

  • Buses
  • Vans
  • Train

From Skopje to Ohrid:

  • Buses
  • Vans
  • Cars

Directly to Ohrid:

  • There is a bus that goes from Sofia to Ohrid directly.


  • There are buses and vans from the bus station in Thessaloníki (more info needed)


Skopje - Ohrid 170 km

Bitola - Ohrid 65 km

Sofia - Skopje 221 km & Sofia - Ohrid 399 km

Thessaloníki - Skopje 236 km & Thessaloníki - Ohrid (via Bitola) 280 km

Zagreb - Skopje 820 km & Zagreb - Ohrid 990 km

Belgrade - Skopje 429 km & Belgrade - Ohrid 607 km

NSND Ohrid 2011 [pictures from last year]

NSND Belgrade