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8-9 јуни, Хотел Галеб

http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=nsnd (Nije znanje znati, već je znanje znanje dati)


Elena - Copyright lawyer, software piracy Vladimir - Sofia, initLab, WordPress dev -

   group self learning, most efective learning without a formal teacher.
   short head/face/scalp massage workshop for "resurrecting" hangovers, sleepyheads and hackathon victims (.. 'n stuff);

Monika - Sofia, initLab speaks softly - carries a big stick - what stick? - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Stick_ideology - She said she speaks softly.fair enough Dobrica - Zagreb, system administration (ZFS on Linux?), Library, PostgreSQL, NSND regular Valentino - labOS - Osijek, electronics, wireless, openwrt - FOOD FOOD FOOD Branimir - Osijek - Internet of things, Radiowaves ,433Mhz remote power outlets, tl-wr703 router-Arduino connection- Hacker arduino (openWRT...) (show and tell) Ahmed - Kosovo - Zoran - Macedonia - Vehicle diagnostic OBD (where's my OBD?) Naum - Struga RUBY, RUBY Milan - Ruby Dalibor - Ruby, RoR, Javascript web development, test driven development Vladan - Kika, BGHacklab - Spion - Skopje - HTML5 book author, nodejs , Angular, Browserify (talk) Jovanka - Free Software Macedonia president - Gnome-Empathy, Virtualization (Gnome Boxes)(talk), CERN google summer of code 2013 (oVirt) Glisha - Kika, Sysadmin, Waiting in traffic with a RPI Boro -Kika - PHP Web development, C/C++ desktop development application, javascript/coffeescript, functional languages (erlang first, but haskell is better. Andrej - Kika - node.js, javascript "once you go NSND, you never go back". - Distributed video transcoder (talk) Visar - Kika - C programing, embeded, Perl interested in: Lisp, Scheme Bazhe - Python guru, twitter troll, Advanced postgres - r(talk+dobrica), parallel programming Arangjel - BgHacklab - Филозофер, subculture conflicts Bojan - Kika - Android developer, web developer Nikola - Kika - web development, 3D printer assebled the 3d printer in Kika Sashe - Holiday - Ana - Frontend design Tanja - Architect, holiday, Damjan - uWSGI, Python/Erlang lover, RHCI, networking http://wiki.spodeli.org/Корисник:Дамјан, Systemd, PXE network booting, openwrt Novica - Founding member by vocation (2cmk, Hacklab) - Macedonian for begginers


Sat. (15:20 - 20:00)

   Branimir - SDR+OpenWRT+Arduino (20 min)
   RTL-SDR ($12) wide range radio spectrum
   https://www.fasttech.com - like dx.com, but a bit cheaper
   http://piratepad.net/NSNDStruga433links - links for the project
   Glisha - waiting in traffic with a rpi (30min)
   Vladimir - Group self-learning short intro + discussion (~1h)
   Dobrica - ZFS on LInux (15 min)
   monitor your smart on drives!
   Spion - Angular, Browserify, npm (1h)
   Tanja - how to bee (hacking the bee hive - by beginners to begginers) - 30min

Sun (06:00 - )

   Zoran - Where is my OBD? (?h)
   Damjan uWSGI (deploying Python, Ruby, Perl, Lua, PHP web apps) - 40min
   Bazhe (+Dobrica) - Fun stuff with Postgresql (2h):
   indexing LIKE '%somthin%'   queries
   publish notification functionality
   partial and functional indexing
   fulltext search
   CUDA http://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/PGStrom
   PostgreSQL storage engine for MySQL http://www.pinaraf.info/2013/03/my-post-engine-a-postgres-engine-for-mysql/
   nested hstore with array support http://www.pgcon.org/2013/schedule/events/518.en.html
   PostgreSQL extension network: http://pgxn.org/
   FDW: Redis, CouchDB, mongo, twitter, LDAP...  http://pgxn.org/search?q=FDW&in=dists http://wiki.postgresql.org/images/0/0e/Center_of_your_dataverse.pdf
   Jovanka - Gnome Boxes (1h)

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Ана петок по наутро колата на Саше
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Даниела петок по работа колата на Шпион
Далибор сабота сабајле кола недела вечер
Зоран сабота сабајле колата на Далибор недела вечер
Милан сабота сабајле колата на Далибор недела вечер
Наум сабота сабајле колата на Далибор не требит недела вечер
Ковач најверојатно петок приквечер кола, има 1-2 места недела вечер
Висар петок по работа/сабота сабајле колата на Ковач недела
Боро најверојатно петок приквечер колата на Ковач недела вечер
Баже петок Бус петок 12ч недела +1, +2
Тања петок вечер/сабота сабајле комбе белград не требит недела вечер
Елена петок по работа 17+ч комбе белград
Глиша сабота сабајле кола недела вечер
Бојан сабота сабајле колата на Глиша недела вечер