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Преработка од 13:55, 21 декември 2013; направена од Дамјан (разговор | придонеси) (Користам на Android)
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Мојата домашна страна, на која има линкови понатаму према github, twitter и сл. https://damjan.softver.org.mk/

About me

  • Does know: Python, Erlang, CouchDB, some about scallability, Arduino, microcontrollers, 0mq, a lot about system administration and Linux, some POSIX, and also network administration (routing ospf, bgp, rip, vpns), web servers (nginx, cherokee, apache), uWSGI, some bits of HTML/Javascript/AJAX/Longpoll etc… New: PostgreSQL tricks, Systemd, PXE network booting, openwrt
  • Would like to learn: about everything I know there's always more to learn and discuss, plus: even more programming languages (Elixir, Haskell, Lisp, Go). And what about the ecosystem of maintainable JavaScript applications (browserify, grunt, bower?).
  • Also likes: from Web 0.9 to Web 5.6 with coroutines in Python
  • Always in the mood for a good programming language war

What do I use on my PC

My main PC is a Thinkpad X60s from 2006

  • ArchLinux
  • Awesome-WM
  • vim
  • urxvt
  • bash/zsh
  • Firefox
  • Konversation
  • Thunderbird
  • psi
  • clementine
  • OwnCloud on my home PC (a desktop as a server)

What do I use on my Android phone

My phone, an old HTC Desire HD from 2011, running JellyTime 4.2.2 (will go for 4.4.x soon)

  • no google apps - use F-Droid
  • Firefox (and also some Firefox OS apps)
  • GAuth (2-factor TOTP implementation, firefox app)
  • Twidere (twitter)
  • K-9 Mail
  • Xabber (jabber)
  • Apollo (music)
  • Yaaic (irc)
  • Owncloud (instant upload of pictures to my own server)
  • OsmAnd (navigation)
  • VX ConnectBot (ssh)
  • OpenVPN for Android (openvpn, no root)
  • CardDAV Sync free (sync contacts with my OwnCloud server)


  • community decentralized storage system
  • unhosted.org and similar community infrastructure to replace the Cloud
  • web app development to make your admin happy