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Hi I'm Damjan. This is a short summary of my interests in technology and free software. My home page is at https://damjan.softver.org.mk/ which also has links to github, twitter etc.

I've been a member of the "Free software Macedonia" NGO since the formation in 2002. One of the founders of the KIKA hackerspace. Also part of the Mozilla community in some ways.

You can find me on irc, on the freenode network as "damjan", channels: #lugola, #nsnd, #hklbgd, #razmjenavjestina, #labos.

About technologies

  • Does know: Python, Erlang, Elixir, systemd, ansible, CouchDB, AWS, some about scallability, Arduino, microcontrollers, 0mq, a lot about system administration and Linux, some POSIX, and also network administration (routing ospf, bgp, rip, vpns), web servers (nginx, cherokee, apache), uWSGI, some bits of HTML/Javascript/AJAX/Longpoll etc… New: PostgreSQL tricks, PXE network booting, openwrt
  • Would like to learn: about everything I know there's always more to learn and discuss, plus: even more programming languages (Elixir, Haskell, Lisp, Go). And what about the ecosystem of maintainable JavaScript applications (browserify, grunt, bower?).
  • Also likes: from Web 0.9 to Web 5.6 with coroutines in Python
  • Always in the mood for a good programming language war

What do I use on my PC

My main PC is a Thinkpad X1 Carbon (5th gen)

  • ArchLinux
  • SecureBoot
  • systemd
  • KDE (or Awesome)
  • vim
  • bash/zsh
  • Firefox
  • Communi-desktop
  • Thunderbird
  • clementine
  • cantata

Services running on some server somewhere

  • Nextcloud on my home PC, CardDAV, CalDAV, instant upload (a desktop as a server)
  • znc
  • tinytiny-rss
  • prosody (xmpp) + biboumi (irc)
  • synapse (matrix)

What do I use on my Android phone

My phone, Oneplus 3, running LineageOS 14.1

  • no google apps - use F-Droid
  • Fennec f-droid
  • AndOTP (2-factor TOTP implementation)
  • Twidere (twitter)
  • K-9 Mail
  • Conversations (jabber)
  • Riot.im
  • Nextcloud (instant upload of pictures to my own server)
  • OsmAnd (navigation)
  • ConnectBot (ssh)
  • OpenVPN for Android (openvpn, no root)
  • DavDroid (calendar & contacts)
  • Slide (reddit)
  • Face Slim (facebook)
  • Materialistic (hacker news)
  • KDE connect
  • Telegram


  • a decentralized community storage system
  • unhosted.org and similar community infrastructure to replace the Cloud