Intro to web servers

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Intro to Web Servers (Part 1) – go from basic computer to full web server in about an hour

Course will cover basic concepts in addition to practical hands-on experience.

Topics we will gloss over:

  • basic networking and the internet
  • what a web server is
  • server / client relationship
  • Running a web server from your house for fun and maybe profit.
  • Installing Apache web server a couple different ways
  • Basic configuring and customizing your web server
  • We will go over a few modifications(mods) to install on to you machine to optimize your web sites performance.
  • What’s a domain and how to get one and get it working with your web server

dynamic and static domains will be covered

  • How to serve up pages and files

Materials Needed:

A windows/OSX/ Linux laptop with VMware server/ player installed ( I can not provide this as it is against licencing ) In the class you will be provided with a pre-made virtual install of ubuntu server 8.10 It is suggested to have a basic understanding of computers and the linux operating system, regardless you’ll no doubt learn something.