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Пријавување за STACS Belgrade 2007

4 декември 2007

The Event

The Free Software Foundation Europe would like to invite you to a workshop as part of the STACS project (FP6-2005-Science-and-Society-19-044597). The STACS project wants to explore the possibility of joint research projects between civil society and public research bodies. This workshop is one step in that process and will serve as a research project "incubator", trying to identify and activate possible research cooperations.

One goal of the workshop is to see at least two different research projects discussed and jumpstarted following the meeting, which is scheduled to take place in Belgrade on the 4th of December 2007. As spaces are limited, we invite you to fill out an application to attend this workshop. If you are selected to attend, the STACS project will offer to cover your travel and accommodation expenses for the workshop.

If you are a member of a civil society organisation or a researcher working with Free Software or Free Software related issues, we look forward to receiving your applicating for participation. This will allow you to participate on behalf of your organisation in shaping research projects in your area.


The workshop will take place at the Hotel M Best Western at Bulevard Oslobodenja 56a, Belgrade. Participants will be invited to be accommodated at the same hotel for convenience. Transportation to and from the hotel will also be taken care of.

Schedule Tuesday 4th December 14.00 Introduction to STACS 14.15 Opportunities for research on Free Software 15.00 Results of pre-workshop exercises 15.15 Break-out sessions (various research topics) 16.30 Coffee/tea break 17.00 Results of the sessions 17.45 Exploring proposals for research projects 18.30 Conclusions 18.45 Feedback from participants 19.00 Dinner and social event


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